Myst Lastleaf

Miqo'te Keeper

I have only ever had one selfish wish. And others ever seek
to rip it from me.

Not this time. You have the potential for good. But I know far better your potential for hurt. I know your games. They are not good.

Do you see me as your equal?
Or do you treat me like a game?
Let me show you how well I learn the rules!~

  • Lore Enthusiast

  • Looking for IC friends and rivals

  • Most available Evenings and Weekends, Pacific Time Zone.

To save us both time:

If you are looking for
random ERP partners-


Quick Facts
FC: Faewood Institute
Apparent Age: Adult
Physical: Small to average height for Miqo'te, with pale skin, raven blue-black hair and tail, and bright blue eyes.
Scars: What looks like a combination of chemical and burn scars on her hands and forearms.
Brand: There is an odd scar on her left forearm, when her arms can be seen. A ~ shaped brand that looks like it was done with... teeth??

About Myst

Are you brave enough to befriend me? Maybe I'll tell you my tale. If you amuse me, maybe we can be friends?

I've lost everything... so many times. I know better than to reach out. I've been lied to. Betrayed. Abandoned. Deceived.

I've been helpless to help those I loved most. I've watched blood flow and madness spread. I know better than to trust. I am not worthy of people, nor they of me. To keep them away would be... safest.

Is this land different? Do I dare to hope again? Do I dare let these feelings flourish? Or is it another illusion?

Will it lead to a new life?
Or will I be the next to descend into madness?

Among friends, she is truest to her nature. Ever curious. Ever seeking to strengthen group bonds. Ever striving to better herself in combat, academics, and magic.

Myst has been through a lot as a character. She is distrustful of strangers, loyal to companions, mischievous with close companions, and vengeful with her tormenters... Twelve help you if you try to dominate, shame, browbeat, or manipulate her.

For those with Echo or Aether sight: /tell me for details for bits and pieces of the rabbit hole that is Myst.

Notable Physical Attributes: Her hands are covered in an odd webbing of burn scars. Otherwise, she looks like her avatar.

Known Associations:
Faewood (Co-Leader and Representative)
Botany Expert Eirene Charbonneau
"Hoplite" and "Emerald"

Lore: Some aspects of Myst are lore-bendy BUT researched and lore probable. 90% of it never comes out except with people I RP with that feel comfortable with these aspects. If you'd like to know more or interact with her more exotic flairs, I'll be happy to hint or reveal. Otherwise, they will not overly affect our gameplay together.

Our Author

Hello! Thanks for checking out my card!

Timezone: I'm in an area that does not acknowledge daylight savings time, so I am MST fall/winter, and PST spring/summer.

Availability: I am typically open for RP in my afternoons and evenings. I can make occasional mornings and late nights, but not often.

Themes: I am up for most themes, though I prefer adventure/exploration, slice of life, and low to medium-dark. Occasional super-dark is fine, but I'd prefer to discuss possible triggers first.

Preferred Co-Writers: 18+ minimum. 21+ preferred. 30+ Ideal. I prefer writing with people who are willing to research and discuss lore and keep things in a realm of probability. I also prefer to rp with people who keep a healthy ic/ooc barrier and a certain amount of emotional maturity. They should NOT be the sort to use the anonymous nature of the internet to be little bleeps.

[Semi harsh warning Start]

I am not your therapist, your escape, or your girlfriend. I am here to write fiction stories with fairly well-adjusted grownups.

If you are oocly prone to breakdowns, heavy IC/OOC bleed, knee-jerk reactions, virtue signaling, cancel-culture, SJW outrage, or other forms of unhealthy ooc communication/coping behavior-- I can not give you the time and patience you need to work through that stuff. It's not healthy for either of us.

[End rant]

Phew! If that didn't scare you off, Horray!! Please read on for lore and other stuff. ^.^

Lore: I enjoy exotic and lore bendy characters- but I do subscribe to the 'must be lore probable' club. The biggest thing is presentation. If it's probable and its played well, Yay!! It makes for great writing. :D

Lore Heirarchy: Game Lore -- > Lore Books --> Dev Comments --> Other games as needed (immediately replaced when gaps are filled by 'real' lore) ---> FC/club lore --> Head cannon (to be replaced as soon as game lore exists.)

If you are easily hurt by lore discussions that bar characters from doing certain things (sin-eaters on the source, Casper the friendly voidsent, and VtM style vampires cough cough), it's better for us to RP in our own separate spheres. I want us both to have fun with the game- but that sometimes means not playing together if we can't resolve our characters' conflicting laws of reality. Nothing wrong with keeping the peace! :)

NO MALE VIERA: This will change once the lore officially releases male-bodied Viera from being locked in the woods- likely on or near the start of Endwalkers. 9 out of 10 people who play their special male buns currently are little jerks more interested in toxic discord behavior, witch-hunts, and virtue signaling than actually writing a story. So I am waiting until the more mature populations get their hands on male-bun characters. But for now- I am too old for the male bun boi dramafest. I can wait for more emotionally mature writers to be a norm. :P

NO FEMALE HROTHGAR: Same reason as above for male viera until their official release. Fix your attitudes drama mongers. I ain't buying it. 0 out of 10.

On that note, this is my stance when people try to win a lore disagreement with harrassment, labeling, and other nastiness instead of...well.. lore!

Hint: Don't cite the shame tactics to me WITCH. I was there when they were written.

Seriously- JUST find me the lore or a fun lore-probable angle. I'll happily change my stances to fit anything lore-probable if you communicate with me like an adult. You will not win with name-calling, virtue signaling, or tantrums. Those things just get you blocked and memed on. You have been warned.


Myst has a lover, and I prefer deeper stories where romance is salt and pepper- NOT the main dish. On that note, I am fine with the attempt as long as:

1) It's oocly understood it is 95% certain to be unrequited. This can be a super fun story arc in itself! Unrequited infatuations, directionless flirtations, and other details lend fun flavor to a scene. Not all attempted romances should have the pixie-tale ending.

2) Even if it eventually is a probability, it will take time and work with her and her official mate to both attain and keep it.

3) I WANT STORIES! If you don't bring any other stories to the table except chasing my catte all harlequin romance style, you're going to horney jail and staying there.

Contact and RP Hooks

If you want to work out an ic interaction with Myst, feel free to reach out! You can find me ooc via DMs or on discord at Myst#6467.

I'm always open to discuss ways characters can meet. These are just a few possible points to help get the discussion started. :)

Myst-taken Identity?:
She shares the features of a Tessena Faen, who disappeared a little over a year ago. If your character hails from the Shroud or is attentive to missing person reports, they may have seen someone who had an uncanny likeness to Myst.

Wait? Name?:
Her name, especially her last name, does not fall under traditional Keeper naming conventions, nor is there a recorded "Lastleaf" clan on the dockets. A pseudonym perhaps? Half-breed? Adopted?

Faewood Representative:
Actively helps promote Faewood Institute. You may have seen her in public areas setting out fliers, or when she discusses trade agreements and supplies with vendors in the three Eorzian capitals.
Faewood FC Carrd:

Reagents Runner:
She goes into the wild to procure botany and hunting reagents for clients. Less so metal-based ones, though she does deliver on the behest of others. Perhaps she is fulfilling one of your character's orders, or they both run into each other as she is collecting or delivering such.

Rumor has it that she is keenly interested in the myths, lore, and origins surrounding fae-like folks, particularly faeries and pixies and other worlds. Despite the unlikelihood that such tales are true, she seems keenly interested in any proof to the contrary.

While she does not have any amount of renown at this stage, she is knowledgeable about plants and their ecosystems. Often seeking out knowledge of unusual plants and growing methods. She likewise needs both instructors and co-enthusiasts to further develop her skills.

Shroud Citizen:
Is often seen near the Lavender beds (Matius, Ward 14, Plot 10), where she lives with a Duskwight by the name of Eirene Charbonneau. She makes weekly trips to the Gridanian markets, occasional trips to the seasonal events, and is oft seen around the wilds. Is your character also a citizen? New to the area? A student of one of the guilds? A researcher? A pickpocket? Most anything goes as long as it follows Gridanias laws and such.

Limsa Markets:
Can sometimes be seen making purchases or reagent deliveries to the merchants in Hawker's Ally. More often than not on behalf of Eirene Charbonneau or Faewood Refuge.

VERY rarely goes anywhere near Ul'dah due to its reputation for corruption and trafficking. She can sometimes be seen in the surrounding wilds attending to hunts, reagent collections, or exploring the ruins. Is your character a traveler in the region? Merchant? Bandit? There are a lot of scenerios we can work with!
If you'd like our characters to meet in the city, she will likely be accompanied by a member of her FC or a related ally.

As a former seeker of COMET, she was briefly seen around Shirogane and Kugane for a moon or two. However, the infamy and danger the FC posed caused them to renounce all association with the group. They are seen on occasion exploring natural areas and wildernesses, and very occasional delivery of Eorzian imports to the markets. They also visit associates in Ward 11, plot 10 of Shirogane.

You can contact me via /tell in-game, via discord at Myst#7467, or via the form below.