Beware of three marks of danger, childe:
The Silent Forest, Dark Waters, and a Smiling Mask


Myst is short even by Miqo'te standards, but it does not diminish her presence. She carries herself with self-assured confidence. Her eyes are ever alert, even when she seems engrossed in some mischief.

In the Refuge, she is light and playful. Accommodating to the guests as any clan Mother/leader should be. But that harmless mask quickly falls if anything threatens her territory or the people within it.

Aether dances at her whim, though the steps are far from advanced. Her strength lies in the versatility of her skills rather than the raw power. If one is watchful and able, they may even see her own aether shape itself for half a blink.

She wears what looks like silvery-white paint on her face and a mask for the Hunt at her hip. Oft sporting tribal gear wrought of natural fibers, leathers, and carved wood and feathers. Her more 'civilized' garb favors loose or short materials that favor movement over style or armor.

Daughter of the Moon

Pale as the moonlight with hair like the new moon sky. The description and name of such a figure is whispered in tales too old and fantastic to be someone only a single winter outside her home territory. Some benevolent, some wrathful, most tales of warning about the cost of greed or foolish wishes. What link does this figure of shifting aether have to folklore and old fables?

Commanding Presense

A four-pointed Gridanian-yellow star with orange swirls with a black lily in its center blazes boldly on her garb, a stark contrast to the browns and greens and blues of her attire. Positioned as if commanding eyes to gaze upon it and note its presence.

Her poise and movements also command attention, swaying from the poised grace of an alpha creature to the quick and capricious movements of a mischief-maker from fables and old myths.

Masks of Flesh and Wood

At her hip is a wooden mask, painted to match her garb. Featureless, with two black openings where the eyes would be.

The pale figure seems need no such accessory though. Her expressions are ever-shifting. Eyes veiled by mischief and mirth. Thoughts by the teasing smile. Answers by playful jabs or deflected words. Emotions swinging wildly as if to some unspoken whim. Both too open and earnest to be a lie- yet too well-chosen to be a full truth.

Name:Myst Lastleaf
Class:Aetheric Manipulator
Subclass:Botanist and Hunter She can heal you or kill you. Or something in between.
Clan:Keeper of the Moon
Height:Four fulms, 5 ilms. (4'5)
Weight:GASP! You'd ask a lady that?? ...Kidding! Four Stones maybe? Five? We do not exactly go around checking.
Hair:A Dark blue that is almost black in most lights
Eyes:Bright blue, Cyan when she is excited or magicking. Dark blue eyes indicate a dangerously dark mood
Age:Adult- early to mid 20's
Nameday:"Sometime in summer- strawberry moon I think ... No I don't know exactly when I was born. In the deep woods, our calendars are the seasons and the moon phases! After we complete our coming of age, no one counts anymore."
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral "I'm not good or evil. My actions are my own."
Patron:Menphina, the Lover
Address(s):Lavender Beds, Ward 14, Plot 10 (Primary) Shirogane, Ward 11, Plot 10 (Vacation) Lavender Beds, Ward 2, Plot 51 (Faewood)

Rumors, Hooks, and Associations

Here are a few handy details and tidbits that could be used to craft an encounter with Myst.

Also make sure to read my OOC chart regarding preferred themes, restrictions, etc.

Rumor (Ul'dah):"It was the darndest thing. The boss took one look at our order ledger and saw the name 'n turned white as a sheet. Won't say a word about it but it was easy enough to tell he was spooked. Can't see why. Tiny thing is sweet as cream when she comes about."
Local Rumor:Around the deep Shroud where she hails from, some clans whisper that you should never leave camp on a moonless night, else the spirits will take you off to their realm. Though it could be a tale to scare young children into obeying their clan Mothers.
Seed:Her name is mentioned in oral and a few obscure written histories, though it was borne by various other figures, Male and female. All with stories that had surely been overblown over time. No new records would have been found in the past 150 years. Otherwise, there is room to hear of a myth or story passed down anytime between then and the Great Frost.
A Stranger Among Keepers:Myst has never been seen in the Shroud by outside clans, despite her distinctive markings and colorations. Though figures /like/ her have cropped up from time to time in stories.
Odd DetailSome Miqo'te with her paint markings are occasionally seen at the edge of the more populated edges of the Shroud, but never heard. They never spoke during encounters or brief trades. The strangers ride white deer, wear bear icons on their clothing, and occasionally deal in herbs and a medicinal powder made from some sort of tree bark.
For Aether-SightThe energy around her flows as it should, though other energies linger. A flicker here. A new shape there. A swirling loop that quickly returns to its flow.
Relation:She is the co-founder of Faewood, with her name co-signed to various papers and functions. While her partner Eirene is listed on most of the licenses and permits, Myst is listed as a primary contact regarding business connections and relations.
Rumor:That Duskwight runnin' Faewood be a witch. Even publically admitted to eatin' little uns I heard. Hard ta tell if that little pale Miqo'te over there is her familiar or one of her next meals.
Rumor (Ishgard)The Miqo'te was with others bearing that yellow symbol on her clothes. I hear they aren't welcome at the Foundation due to causing a ruckus and shooting one of the Fortemps chocobos. The breeding male at that. They passed a trial by combat so they ain't barred from traveling, but merchants sure don't wanna cross the noble families by doing business with them. That's for sure!

Want to chat and plot an encounter? Discord at Myst#7467 or use the form below to shoot me an email. I generally respond to Discord faster.

OOC Info

Hello and welcome to my Carrd! Please don't mind the dust, I am doing a major revamp of my old character card.

I am a wow refugee that came to FF14 in early Summer 2020. I love the story, the lore, and the community (Well... most of it. I certainly love this community more than wow's in the least!!)

I am looking for people to be friends, rivals, associates, and antagonists to my little mischievous huntress. Preferably people who love the in-game lore and do the research for story cohesion.

I try to mirror my co-writers, but I prefer semi-para with experienced rpers that enjoy creating deep, complex long term stories that explore all sorts of literary themes. Show me your adventures, quests for redemption, dark depths of humanity, struggles against fate, and other fun stuff. Show me the displaced refugees in culture shock, the ex-Garlean struggling with the stigma of war, or the pirate who pines for the past they can never have back.

I love these sorts of story and setting-driven characters and hope to weave an amazing story with others who do too. Read on downward for more details.


  1. Author loves long-term rps and impactful rp scenes.

  2. Author does not love when people try to start RL's latest outrage debate over fiction. Let's keep RL in RL and have fun in fiction.

  1. Author is not her character

  2. Author loves STORIES (Gimme gimme)

  1. Author is an omni Craft/Gatherer. Feel free to reach out and ask anything on the topic!

Server:Crystal- Mat
Time Zone:PST (Will go MST for Fall/Winter)
Best Times:2pm to 9pm PST
Preferred Themes:Tribal, World, Slice of Life, Lore-explorations, Adventure, Hunting/Gathering/Trade, Complex themes, Philanthropic, Morally grey themes, Semi-Dark, Occasional Dark
Do NOT Want:No Random ERP, RL Politics, RL Baiting, IC/OOC Bleed, OOC drama of any flavor No Thankyou!
Looking For ICly:IC Allies, Rivals, Antagonists, Friends, Business Associates. Myst is also actively looking for Blue Mages to learn the difference between her magic and theirs, hunters to help take down larger game, Historians and Ruins explorers, and fellow botany enthusiasts- particularly those interested in potion crafting and rare natural healing remedies.
Looking for OOCly:18+ writers, 21+ preferred, 30+ ideal. Must be able to maturely handle IC themes depicted in FF14 universe even if we do not agree with them personally OOC. The ability to keep IC and OOC separate is a strict requirement.
Lore:Yes Please! Lore Enthusiast. I love exotic and lore bendy stuff as long as it fits lore. On that note, it is perfectly fine for the character to icly make mistakes in what they know (and leads to AMAZING discussions, lessons, and ic debates/ vicious arguments). But let's be civil on OOC lore discussions, yeah?
Male/ Male bodied Veira?:Not until Endwalkers Lore reveal. Between us not knowing why no one has seen them or why they are finally leaving the Wood now--- and my various negative experiences with bunneh boi's IC/OOC bleed drama, I'm going to wait on accepting Male bun characters to rp with. I'll immediately change this stance once they are lore accurate, mainstream, and more emotionally mature crowds play them on average. (Currently Nov 19ish?)
Fem Hrothgar?:Nope. Same reason as Bunnehs. If my rigid refusal to bend this bit of lore upsets you, please thank the drama mongers that have been utilizing them for toxic IC/OOC bleed. Don't worry though, I'll see you more mature writers when the lore and character model is released! :D
Voidsent?:Lore says kill on sight or report to the Thaumaturge Guild & Grand Companies before the Void tainted timebomb becomes a danger to themselves and others. If that is your flavor, I am willing to chat! If not, no hard feelings. I'll give an ooc heads up before Myst goes violent so we can retcon and part ways if needed. (Same for sin-eaters, aether sick, thrall, etc etc etc. I do not mind the edgy exotic characters as long as you do not mind the lore-correct / character background correct responses. :D ) Sources Regarding Interactions with Voidsent- In-Game Lore and quotes straight from the leaders of said laws themselves:
Romance?Myst has a lover that she is dedicated to. But I welcome discussions about unrequited infatuations or attempts to win her and her lover over. Unsuccessful romances can build a lot of story and character.
How to Reach Out:Discord Myst#7467

Lore, Head Cannons, and Research

A long page of lore, reading materials, and head cannons that make up Myst, her clan, and other fun stuff. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is LOTS more to find out via rp.

[Currently Under Construction]

White: Direct Game Lore or Encyclopedia Eorzia (with citations)
Cyan: Custom Clan Lore
Orange: Head-cannon, fannon, or lore-based speculation. (Likely to change as lore changes)
On Travel to Eorzia
The Miqo'te are descendants of a hunting people that crossed over the frozen seas to Eorzea in search of prey during the Age of Endless Frost... Fiercely territorial and proud of their traditions. -- Encyclopedia Eorzia p86

After being splintered from the other hunters on the migration, it was thought that cold and starvation would end them. The moon goddess, who would be named Menphina in other tongues, send a guide to her believers. A female of moonlight skin and hair the colors of the sky of a new moon. The female used the Moon Goddess's gifts to keep them warm and provide guiding lights through blizzards and snow. She led them through the snow to a secluded glade. They are charged by the moon goddess herself to protect that glade from Outsiders, and hold tight to the covenants the first Moon Spirit passed down to them.
On The Hunt and Elementals
A common trait among all Miqo'te is their fierce pride for their heritage as hunters. Seeing themselves as part of the natural world itself, they prize above all else the freedom of the hunt and do not shun death when old age hits them. -- Encyclopedia Eorzia p 86

They reside and hunt freely in the Shroud, where for many years they came in conflict with the people of Gridania, who saw the Keepers as little more than poachers. In recent years, however, the two sides have reconciled their differences, and today many Keepers hunt in accordance with rules set by the Trapper's League, bartering the furs and meats they procure for agricultural goods and essential commodities. Others, however, refuse to bend to these rules, poaching the woods and laying waste to the natural resources as they see fit.-- Encyclopedia Eorzia p87

Myst's clan sees themselves literally one with nature. They do not fear the greenwrath because they ARE nature and respect the Balance without needing others to listen for them. In fact, they actively hunt any tainted elementals and strive to either restore their balance or put them down as tainted imbalances. Tis highly dangerous, and more than a few have felled trying to cut an angry Spirits flailings short. But they do not shrink from pursuing such prey when they must. As such they NEVER walk the Shroud without a mask to conceal themselves.

In addition, their clan has a series of hunts that mark various milestones in Life, with the passage of adulthood being the Lone Summer- a time where they hunt and fend for themselves for a summer season. And the Last Hunt, where an elder realizing the end of their lifespan is nigh, will state they are going on a hunt and intentionally seek to fell prey far stronger than themselves. Bringing their cycle to a close in the game of hunt and hunted.

Her clan does not adhere to the census or the will of the Hunter's Guild in Gridania. They do not see themselves as poachers because they ARE nature, and no one owns the Shroud to poach from. Being told what they can poach and when utterly chafes their hunter's pride. Myst only adheres to licensure at her lover's insistence, in order to not cause complications for their refuge, Faewood. This does not stop her from being vocal about her protests on the matter, however. Afterall, they ARE nature, and do not need others to tell them how to keep the Balance. And to poach, the land must be /owned/ by someone-- which in their minds, it is owned only the strongest predator that can keep a territory (Elementals).
Tongue and Name
Miqo'te adopted the common tongue to barter with other races. Remnants of their old tongue are found in Huntspeak- a system of tongue clicks and whistles used to communicate when in pursuit of quarry. Names usually consist of short, powerful syllables. Miqo'te are highly matriarchal. Typically, a female is given her mother's name, followed by a given name. Males are named simply "First son of mother's name, Second son of mother's name, etc.-- Encyclopedia Eorzia p 86-87

Her Clan's name translates from Huntspeak to "The Final Leaf"- however the attempts for outsiders to pronounce it in Huntspeak is so grating on their ears, Myst refers to the translated version among other races: Lastleaf. She does not use a Mother's name when introducing herself.

Voidsent and Aether
Official Lore: See very lengthy citation list below (leads to another site)

Myst's clan is a part of Nature. They have trained and lived in life and ritual to both sense the life around them and promote its Balance. As such:

1. Myst can detect imbalances in aether, such as the astral concentrations of void tainted. She might not know the exact issue without concentrated effort, but she is aware of any poorly concealed aetheric irregularities

2. She is highly attentive to the Balance and the shifting energies of the elementals

3. She will go after imbalances in Nature, including tainted/wrathful elementals and voidsent.

4. To her CLAN, those tainted by voidsent or tempering are seen as irrevocably lost to the Balance. To save their souls from utter elimination, the death of the mortal body is seen as a mercy.

5. To MYST, she is aware of recent developments in reversing the effects of tempering, and that thralls and void tainted have a SLIM, painful, agonizing chance to reverse their condition. This makes her sliiiiiiiiightly more likely to hear out active efforts to reverse one's condition back to Balance.